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My project with Anne Carson’s Nox has become much more in depth than I previously envisioned.  I am working on both a formal response and a performative analysis of the work.  Therefore, we have a postponement.

Instead, I will be getting back to the topic of artists’ books criticism through a discussion of a 2007 book by Simon Cutts titled some forms of availability, published by Granary Books and the RGAP (Research Group for Artists Publications).  RGAP is an independent, artist-led organization, and that publishes artists’ books and editions, and works with other centers in the UK and abroad, setting up collaborative projects, publications, exhibitions and events. This includes the organization of the Small Publishers Fair – an international event held annually in London.

Simon Cutts is a poet, artist, and editor, who has developed Coracle Press over the last thirty years in its many publicational forms. His own concern is with the book and its mechanisms as a manifestation of the poem itself.


Coming up will also be an interview with artist Steve Roden, whose works spans many mediums including, but not limited to, painting, sculpture, sound, and text.  I interviewed Steve in February 2010 while he was an artist-in-residence at the Chinati Foundation in Marfa, Texas.  Roden’s interview will be found in the “INTERVIEWS” section of Impossible Objects.

You can read more about Roden’s work by exploring the following links:

Roden’s residency at the Chinati Foundation

in be tween noise : Roden’s website

airform archives : Roden’s blog


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