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The following books are part of what might be called Kippenberger’s “Hotel Series” of artists’ books.  The third and final book in the series, No Drawing No Cry, published posthumously in 2000 will be one of this months impossible objects discussion topics.  Unlike, Hotel-Hotel and Hotel Hotel Hotel Hotel, No Drawing No Cry has no illustrations (excluding one) and instead includes only blank hotel stationary collected by Kippenberger.

Below is information on the “Hotel Series” from Uwe Koch’s Annotated catalog raisonné of the books by Martin Kippenberger 1977-1997:


Entry 109

Cologne: Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther

König, 1992. 29.8 x 21 cm. 496 pp. (diff. papers),

246 b/w ills., paperback with flaps, edition:

950 numbered copies (of which nos. 1-30 are

signed with a signed and dated drawing and a

Polaroid, in slipcase/ nos. 31-100 signed).

“From 1987 onwards Martin Kippenberger, constantly travelling and staying in hotels, made many drawings on hotel stationary.  The result is a kind of autobiography documenting his ideas, plans and concepts for works, studies for installations, portraits, sketches and autonomous drawings.

The letterhead of each respective hotel not only provides a point of reference for the spectator and traces Kippenberger’s travels.  At the same time, the letterhead is often integrated into the drawing or provides the point of departure for the drawing.

In order to emphasize the inherent character of the stationary, different types of paper are used in the printing.

The title of the book is a reference to the American TV soap ‘Hotel Hotel.'”  (Koch, 252)


Entry 138

Cologne: Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther

König, 1995. 29.7 x 21 cm. 630 pp.

(diff. papers), 313 b/w ills., paperback with

flaps, edition: 500 numbered copies

(of which nos. 1-28 are signed with a signed

drawing / nos. 29-100 signed).

“Hotel Hotel Hotel follows on from the 1992 publication Hotel-Hotel and show later hotel stationary drawings from 1991-1995.

The cover colours of the first volume (orange on pale blue) are reversed here.” (Koch 309)

Sample Hotel drawing, but not from either artists’ book


AUDIO from “The Problem Perspective” at MOMA

Rendition of  “Bang Bang” by Martin Kippenberger on ubuweb, explore here for more of Kippenberger’s music

Tate Kippenberger Symposium


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